How to Make a Virgin Mojito Without Alcohol

To make a Virgin Mojito without alcohol, you will need simple syrup, Tonic water, Fresh mint, blackberries, and ice. You can also make a mint simple syrup by mixing sugar with mint leaves and water in a saucepan. Once you make the mint simple syrup, store it in a sealed glass jar in the refrigerator for up to a month. For added carbonation, add sparkling water. Ginger ale, club soda, or sprite can also be substituted for sparkling water.

Simple syrup

The basic ingredients of a Virgin Mojito are rum, lime juice, and mint. It’s the mint and simple syrup that give the drink its refreshing, clean taste. It’s easy to make your own simple syrup by combining equal parts of sugar and water. Store the syrup in a tightly-closed jar in the refrigerator for up to one month. Mint simple syrup can also be made at home by adding sugar and mint leaves to a saucepan. Muddle the ingredients well, using a wooden spoon or blunt end of a metal one. Be sure to squeeze the mint leaves hard enough to release the oils.

The basic recipe for a virgin mojito is designed for one serving, but it can be easily doubled or tripled for a large party. The mint leaves can be gathered into a large pitcher, which requires less work than preparing individual glasses. Using fresh mint leaves gives the drink a refreshing and crisp flavor. The lime juice in a Virgin Mojito balances out the sweetness of the simple syrup. Using fresh lime juice is best, but bottled lime juice will do.

Tonic water

The Virgin Mojito is a refreshing drink that is made with tonic water. It is refreshing and provides an excellent digestive power. The cocktail is also a great choice for dessert. While the original Cuban Mojito dates back to the sixteenth century, it really gained popularity in the twentieth century, when Ernest Hemingway frequented the bar Bodeguita del Medio. A few years later, the recipe began to gain popularity in the U.S., where it became a favorite drink of many authors.

A virgin mojito mocktail is a nonalcoholic version of the classic mojito. It combines brown sugar, fresh mint leaves, lime juice, and tonic water. The drink is sweet, but not overly so. This drink calls for a bit of exotic flavor. You can cut the calories by using a sugar-free sweetener. The drink also tastes great when mixed with sparkling water, so it’s a good choice for non-alcoholic drinkers.

Fresh mint

This classic cocktail is refreshing and light, but you can also make a mock version of it at home. The recipe uses mint leaves and agave syrup. Add crushed ice, lime juice, and soda water. Muddle the mint leaves until they release their oils, which gives the drink its wonderful flavor. Strain the drink and garnish with a lime wheel and fresh mint. You can also serve this drink with sparkling water.

To make a virgin mojito, first muddle the mint leaves. Muddled mint leaves will release oils into the drink, giving it a smoother, more refreshing taste. Use a wooden spoon handle to muddle the mint leaves. If you don’t have a muddler, you can use any metal object, such as a wooden spoon handle. You can use a metal spoon, but the wooden handle will work just as well.


When it comes to refreshing drinks, there’s nothing quite like a Virgin Mojito with blackberries. This non-alcoholic beverage has just a hint of lime and ginger, and is made with blackberries and mint. Blackberries and lime juice are added to a muddled lime and sugar mixture. Garnish with lime wedges and mint leaves, and serve. Virgin Mojito with blackberries makes an excellent mocktail to drink in the summertime or at any other time.

A blackberry mojito can be a refreshing drink, yet still contain 11 percent alcohol, which is similar to the amount of alcohol in a glass of wine. It can be made with a shot of light rum, as well. It’s a refreshing and festive cocktail perfect for celebrating the 4th of July or summertime celebrations. And because it contains blackberries, it’s festive, too, and tastes just like a classic mojito.